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Repatriation and Israeli citizenship services

professional support in Russia and Israel


Our key task: professional and detailed preparation for repatriation in Russia and assisting in the speedy passage of all bureaucratic procedures in obtaining documents and services in Israel as soon as possible.

We understand that the basis for passing the check at the Israeli consulate is Jewish roots and family ties proven by the submitted documents.

Over the years, our company has been engaged in the search, retrieval and preparation of documents from the registry office, archives, including archives of choral synagogues, passport desks, etc. in Russia, the CIS and in the territory of the former USSR – this is our profession.

We do our best to ensure that our customers pass the test when they first visit the consulate.

In Israel, you will receive personal accompaniment when visiting all ministries, departments and banks.


Russia (Moscow)

Israel (Tel Aviv)


  • The conclusion of the contract and payment for services in Russia is made with Russian legal entity
  • The conclusion of the contract and payment for services in Israel is made with Israeli legal entity


The main task of the Moscow office staff is to prepare you for the consular examination, including the preparation of a package of documents, instructions for filling out the questionnaire and behavior models for an interview at the consulate.

  • We will provide advice on the preparation of documents for repatriation
  • We will carry out examination of documents
  • We recover the missing necessary documents
  • Prepare for consular inspection

The company provides clients with free advice on the provisions of the hawk shivut (law on return), determination of the right to repatriation.

Services The timing
(business days)
Full-time or distance consultation at the office in Moscowе is free upon customer requestа
Preparation of an individual matrix, documents confirming Jewish roots 7 000 from 3
Consultations, examination of documents confirming the existence of Jewish roots and family ties, preparation of recommendations on the demand for 1 set (for a family of up to 4 people inclusive) 20 000/per month from 3
Search and recovery of missing documents:
From the registry offices
Moscow and Moscow Region 1 document 6 000 from 7
Other regions of the Russian Federation 1 document 10 000 from 14
From archives
Moscow and Moscow Region 6 000 from 14
Other regions of the Russian Federation 1 documentт 10 000 from 30
From archives and registry offices of foreign states 25 000 no limits

As a result of our work in Russia, you will be fully prepared for the consular examination.


The main task of our employees in Israel is to make the procedure for your presence in all official authorities and banks of Israel as simple as possible.


Fill out and submit all kinds of forms for obtaining:

  • darkon
  • driver license
  • opening bank accounts with credit, debit cards, checkbooks, etc..
Please note that the table shows the actual time for receiving documents on hand, and not the date of appointment and visits to the ministry or other institution.

Please note that the table shows the actual time for receiving documents on hand, and not the date of appointment and visits to the ministry or other institution..

The cost of services is designed for families up to 4 people inclusive.

Services The timing
(business days)
Escort to Misrad a Pnim 4000 NIS from 10
Escort to the Bank for opening accounts,
receiving credit and debit cards, checkbooks,
filling out forms
2000 NIS от 7
Escort to Misrad a Rishui (Ministry Transport) to obtain an Israeli driver’s license, filling out forms * 2000 NIS от 20
Escort to the health insurance fund for registration, filling out forms 1000 NIS от 1
Escort to the city hall for arranging the child in kindergarten, school, filling out forms 1000 NIS от 3
Escort to the city hall on issues related to the registration of a lease agreement, transfer of utility bills to a tenant, receiving a discount on arnon (land tax), filling out forms 1000 NIS от 3
Delivery of documents to Russia / Israel by courier By agreement от 1
Meeting at the airport 600 NIS By agreement

The cost of services does not include fees for the issuance of passport forms and driver’s licenses

  • * Does not require exams in Israel; If you have a driver’s license in the Russian Federation for more than 5 years, an ophthalmologist needs to undergo a test. Temporary rights are granted for the period until permanent, and can be ready in a short time – from 1 day.

We will personally accompany you when visiting ministries, departments and the bank, we will complement your stay with useful tips that every new repatriate needs. All employees, in addition to Russian, speak impeccable Hebrew and English.


  1. Choose the services you need
  2. Contact the staff for advice by phone +7 985 233 8226, +7 985 774 7897 (WhatsApp, Viber) or make an appointment in person by clicking on the link ORDER FOR CONSULTATION
  3. Provide copies of all available documents confirming Jewish roots and kinship
  4. Conclude service agreements
  5. Pay for services in accordance with the selected services (services provided in Israel may be paid upon arrival in the country)
  6. Get services in the terms established by contracts and additional agreements
  7. If the required service is not in the list provided, consult an employee about the possibility of its implementation
  8. In the absence of payment, services are not guaranteed on time
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